KEN Japanese Language Academy aims for contributing toward development of international
communication by providing the best condition that students can master correct Japanese, understand
Japanese cultures and customs, and be ready for university or collage life after graduating KEN
Japanese Language Academy. The academy also endeavors to understand foreign country’s
background through communications with students in the academy and be helpful for students’ life
after going back to their country.

Teaching Method:

     The academy takes direct method and teach four skills, “reading” “writing” “listening” “speaking” wholly.
The academy also reconstructs classes every semester after review test so that each student takes appropriate


Students need to refer to all of them below to enter the academy.
1. A person who is over 18 years old.
2. A person who completed educational schools for over 10 years, or courses pursuant to it.
3. A person who the academy permitted to accept.
(2)Time of entrance The academy accepts students four times a year, January, April, July, October.
(3)Procedure of entrance A procedure of entrance to the academy is below.
1. Fill in all the documents which the academy requests including an application form, and hand in them with
charge for selection (¥26,250) by the due day.
2. After Completing these procedure above, the academy judges first, and applies for certificate of eligibility
to Tokyo immigration office.
3. A person who got a permission to enter to Japan by Tokyo immigration office has to pay entrance fee and
other school fees, receives “certificate of eligibility”, and applies for student visa in Japan.

Class Construction

     Tests take place every three months for all students, and the academy constructs classes considering
students’ results. The tests include writing and speaking. Except these tests, unit tests take place on occasions.
A person who wants to join the class at the middle of the semester takes an examination and can join
the appropriate class for him/her.

Certificate Of Graduation

    The academy gives a certificate of graduation to students who pass the academy’s standard assessment and also school president permits.


      The academy gives an award and a commemorative to a superior student in attitude towards study and

Absence, Lateness, Leaving School Early

1. Students should hand in a prescribed note to a teacher in charge in case of absence.
2. Students should hand in a prescribed note to a teacher in charge in case of lateness and leaving school early. Three times of absence are supposed to be counted as one absence. But problems of public transportations
(train, bus) are considered.
3. The academy or a teacher makes contacts to students or their referees when students are absent for over
three days without handing in a prescribed note.
4. In the case students are absent for over five days due to a disease or an accident, they should hand in
a medical certificate by a doctor.
      *1 The academy may not permit a renewal of visa to the students whose attendance rate is above 90%.
      *2 The academy may not give any kinds of certificates to the students whose attendance rate is low.


    The academy gives “notice of warning” to students with following situations. After that, if situations cannot be
improved, the academy follows procedures of dropout.
1. A student who is absent for over a month without any contacts.
2. A student who is delinquent in lesson fee over a month.
3. A student whose attitude towards study is bad and influences other students badly.
4. A student who is against school rules.
5. A student who breaks a law of Japan.

Change Of Address

     The academy requests all students to live in school dormitory. In case students change their address because of their family living in Japan, the students should let the academy know their new address in a week. Moreover, students should go to the city hall and follow a procedure of changing address of residence card. (Residence
card says that this procedure should be done in two weeks.)

Extracurriculars activities

     The academy positively holds various events every month such as a school trip twice a year, sports festival,
speech contest, and so on.

Contact to referee

1. During student's stay in Japan, referee take a huge responsibility of supervising his/her behavior, study,
financial situation. Student should contact to referee as canstant as possibile.
2. The academy informs referee of student's attendance and result of test constantly. In case student's
attendance and result are not appropriate, the academy and referee contact each other to improve student
attitude toward study.


Chiba Prefecture Matsudo-shi
Shimmatsudo 4-48 Okawa Building