Ken Japanese Language Academy was founded in 1989 for international people from
all over the world to learn about Japanese Language and culture. Since then, we have
welcomed students from dozens of countries.

We have many instructors with study abroad experience. “Although I had many
communication difficulties due to language and cultural barriers during my time abroad”, they
say, “I was very happy when people abroad finally understood what I spoke and had a very
good experience that I would never experience in Japan. They also say that whenever
they recall their time abroad, they only remember the good time. The study abroad
experience could be one of the most valuable experiences in their life, they stressed.

Incidentally, don’t you think the Japanese Language is difficult? Just remembering the
three types of characters-kanji, hiragana, katakana-is a demanding task. But you could also
say it is this difficulty that makes Japanese a language worthy of study.

You would probably describe the sounds of insects as “noise”, whereas Japanese would
describe them as “voices.” Some scholars say that the reason lies in a physiological
difference governing whether we listen with the left or right sides of our brains, and that this
lies at the root of the Japanese language.

The Japanese language cannot be separated from the culture and character of Japanese people. In order to understand Japanese culture, which is very different from your culture, I
strongly recommend studying the Japanese language. We have produced this guide for you
as a first step.


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